Special notes from the organization:
To be able to have the correct prices – same as the Portuguese Runners with FPO License – FEDO athletes cannot submit your entries using the "Express Entries". To enter correctly, first login into ORIOASIS using the same username and password that you normally use in the FEDO online entry system. Use this link to do it.

Para poder tener los precios correctos - iguales que los corredores portugueses con licencia FPO - atletas FEDO no pueden enviar sus entradas utilizando las "Express Entries". Para registrar correctamente, primero entrar en ORIOASIS utilizando el mismo nombre de usuario y contraseña que se utiliza normalmente en el sistema de inscripción FEDO. Utilice este enlace para hacerlo.

MODEL EVENT: Don't forget to register for the Model Event, otherwise we may not have a model event map for you / Não se esqueça de assinalar a opção Model Event, caso o deseje efectuar.

ELITE CLASSES: During entry process, Elite runners must provide their IOF World Ranking ID. All the athletes in those classes need to be registed in IOF Eventor. / Durante o processo de inscrição os atletas de Elite devem fornecer o seu número de identificação da IOF (IOF World Ranking ID). Todos os atletas a correr nestes escalões devem estar registados no sistema da IOF, o IOF Eventor
STEP 1 - Contact Person

Provide the data of the person responsible for these entries

Name: *
Nacionalidade: *
Address: *
Zip code:
Place: *
e-Mail: *
STEP 2 - Club Registration Type

Provide the club of the runners you are about to entry

Club already registred

Note: in Express Entry only the NON FEDERATE clubs are available. For the federate clubs the entries must be registred through the club or personal login.

Register new club

Note: In case you need to register  entries in different clubs, please submit  one entry form per club.

Club data:
Name: *
Short name or initials: *
 Set club contacts same as entry responsable contacts
Country: *
Address: *
Zip code:
Place: *
Note:the club data will be publicly available
Club data:
Country: No country
STEP 3 - Runners (entries)

Provide the number and data of the runners you wish to entry

Load entries from a file (advanced)
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Download entries template file (source)
In order to build a file with the entries list in the format specified by the table. This file (and the entries) can be then imported into the entries form at any time.
Field/ Column Description Content
Birth Year (4 digits, e.g. 1981)
Sex (M/F)
ID Doc. (e.g. IOF Ranking ID, National ID, Driver License number, Passaport number, other)
Stage 1 (X or class name if participating in the stage)
Stage 2 (X or class name if participating in the stage)
Stage 3 (X or class name if participating in the stage)
Stage 4 (X or class name if participating in the stage)
Stage 5 (X or class name if participating in the stage)
Stage 6 (X or class name if participating in the stage)
Model Event 25th feb) (extra) Check Box (only 1)
Rent/Alugar SIAC (10€) (extra) Check Box (only 1)
BabySitting (extra) Numerical field (1 or more)
Fill the entries in the file
Fill in the data of the entries / athlets in the downloaded file (one athlet per line).
 Load entries from a file (advanced)

Load entries saved earlier in the template file previously downloaded (step 1) and filled (step 2).

Number of runners to entry:
N Name ID Doc. IOF ID Birth Year Sex E1
SPORTident Class Model Event
Baby Sitting
Obs State
Please, use the link above Add Entries / Runners in order to add entries / runners to this table. Insert in the box close to the link the number of runners you wish to add.

 Add another runner

Notes about promotional packages:
In order to receive all items of a specific promotional package, all items of the package must be selected aswell. There are entries with a selected promotional package that have package items not selected. The following items are in this condition:
    The fact that these items are not selected does not prevent submitting the entry.
     Submit Entry and see payment instructions


    Stage Date Name Calendar
    1 26-02-2022 Middle Distance TP "Vitalis" Pedestre
    2 27-02-2022 Long Distance TP "Vitalis" Pedestre
    3 28-02-2022 Middle Distance TP "Vitalis" Pedestre
    4 01-03-2022 Middle Distance + TP "Vitalis" Pedestre
    5 27-02-2022 Night Sprint Prova Aberta Ped
    6 28-02-2022 Night Sprint Prova Aberta Ped
    Short Name Description Fee / Deadline
    Model Event Model Event 25th feb) 5,00 €
    Rent SIAC Rent/Alugar SIAC (10€) 10,00 €
    Baby Sitting BabySitting

    Entry states
    State Description
    AVC Awaits Validation by the Club
    AVO Awaits Validation by the Organization
    OK Entry was validated by the organization

    Select the entries file to load: