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World Cup Finland 2017: Map and Results
2017-05-28 14:25 - World of O
Magne Dæhli (Norway) took his first World Cup victory and Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) won the women’s class when the first World Cup round of 2017 was decided in Finland today. The World Cup round was organized as a “tour” consisting of Sprint on Thursday, Middle on Saturday and a Long distance chasing start on Sunday. Winner in the men’s class, Magne Dæhli, started in 15th place, 3:10 behind leadi...
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World Cup Sprint Finland Men: Quick GPS and Splits Analysis
2017-05-26 09:30 - World of O
The nice course at the World Cup  Sprint in Lohja (Finland) deserves some analysis. There were several legs were significant parts of the field took a slower choice as you can see in the leg-by-leg GPS-analysis below. An excellent example of how a  good modern sprint course can be made in flat terrain. Green means fast – red means slow. An example of one of the most decisive legs is shown above – t...
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Final IOF Athlete of the Month for 2016
2017-01-05 10:36 - IOF
The final IOF Athlete of the Month for 2016 is Franciely Chiles from Brazil! Franciely Chiles discovered orienteering a decade ago, and hasn?t stopped since then. Today, at the age of 24, she is a suc...
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Brazil and the Czech Republic have applied for WOC 2021
2017-01-04 12:54 - IOF
The application deadline has expired for several major events, resulting in many interesting bids. Two have applied for WOC 2021, while EYOC 2019 was the most popular event with six federations applyi...
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Últimas mensagens no Portuguese Orienteering Blog
Clare Durand: "I'm the only serious Trail Orienteer within a three hour drive"
2017-05-25 05:00
To talk about Clare Durand is to talk about resilience. It?s in Lancaster, in the desert north of Los Angeles, in the United States, that we?re going to find her. Clare studied Geography and Compu...
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Latin Countries Cup 2017: Victory for Portugal
2017-05-24 05:00
With eight individual victories and 74 points overall, Portugal won the 23rd edition of the Latin Countries Cup which took place in Asiago, Italy. With two victories each in the Elite classes, Joã...
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City Race Euro Tour 2017: Orienteering in focus in seven big european cities
2017-05-23 05:00
Between 7th May and 12th November, 2017, Orienteering will be in focus in seven major European cities. Bringing together the efforts and interests of Paris, Antwerp, Bristol, Treviso, Porto, Barce...
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Thermenland Open 2017: Jan Furucz wins TrailO competition
2017-05-16 05:00
The Thermenland Open 2017 took place last weekend in Hungary, with some really interesting FootO and TrailO competitions. Susy De Pieri and Jan Furucz were the main figures in the PreO and TempO s...
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Portugal City Race 2017: Raquel Ferreira wins in Santo Tirso and Vila Real
2017-05-15 19:21
The Portugal City Race 2017 had its 4th and 5th stages in Santo Tirso and Vila Real. Raquel Ferreira was unstoppable, winning both stages in the Women Senior class. In the Men Senior class, José Lo...
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Javier Oramas: "There are lots of things to do"
2017-05-08 05:00
Javier Perez Oramas is from Colombia. Passionate about Orienteering, he's a keen contributor to the revitalization of the sport in his country. But the task ahead is anything but easy, as we can s...
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Paris City Race 2017
2017-05-11 22:48 - Joaquim Sousa
Realizou-se no passado domingo dia 07 de Maio o Paris City Race, primeira etapa do City Race Euro Tour 2017. Se no sábado tivemos um terreno de parque quase plano e com varias passagens superiores e i...
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Vila do Conde – Super Sprint (video da minha prova)
2017-05-10 15:04 - Joaquim Sousa
Prova de super sprint organizada pelo GD4C na tarde de Sábado do dia 29 de Abril no Vila de Conde City Race. Foi uma prova muito rápida, fiz 08,51 minutos nos 1500 metros do percurso. Fui 1º classific...
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CEO 2017 - 5 provas, 3 dias!
2017-04-21 22:25 - João Mega Figueiredo
Campeonatos de Espanha de Orientação 2017 - Miraflores de La Sierra, Madrid (14 a 16/04) Depois de alguns anos sem participar na maior prova da orientação espanhola (com mais de 2000 pessoas sendo ...
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2017-05-26 08:11 - NADA

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2017-05-25 11:22 - ADFA
Numa organização conjunta do COA (Clube de Orientação de Abrantes) e do CLAC (Clube de Lazer Aventura e Competição), disputaram-se no fim de semana de 20/21 de maio os campeonatos nacionais de sprint...
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Campeonatos Nacionais de Sprint e Longa – 9 Títulos colectivos e 11 individuais
2017-05-21 19:50 - COC
Numa organização conjunta do COA (Clube de Orientação e Aventura) e do CLAC (Clube de Lazer Aventura e Competição) disputaram-se no fim-de-semana de 20 e 21 de Maio os Campeonatos Nacionais de Sprint ...
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ADFA em Ançã
2017-05-05 16:32 - ADFA
A ADFA em Ançã no Campeonato Nacional de Distancia Média de Ori-BTT A Associação de Deficientes das Forças Armadas Delegação de Évora (ADFA) deslocou-se, no fim-de-semana de 29 e 30 de abril, ao conc...
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Camp. Nac. Ori BTT Dist. Média / Ori BTT de Ançã
2017-05-04 15:59 - NADA
NADA - Clube Campeão Nacional de Ori BTT  - Distancia Média - Seniores Masculinos
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5 Dias de Espanha
2017-04-26 21:32 - Nuno Rebelo
Realizou-se entre os dia 1 e 6 de julho os 5 dias de Espanha na zona de Sória. Este ano tinha o atractivo de ser uma zona de floresta espectacular aonde se pode fazer centenas e provas em mapas difere...
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Campeonatos Nacionais 16 títulos colectivos e 8 títulos Individuais
2017-04-23 21:07 - COC
Numa organização do ADFA ? Delegação de Évora (Associação dos Deficientes das Forças Armadas) disputaram-se no fim-de-semana de 22 e 23 de Abril de 2017 os Campeonatos Nacionais de Distância Média e E...
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Maio 2017
20,21 Constância e Abrantes TP Ped TP Ped Camp. Nac. Ped           
18/21 Itália (Asiago) Int Ped Int Ped    
24 Em qualquer lugar do Mundo Outros    
24 Lido - Funchal Prova Aberta Ped       
24 Parque Florestal do Fontelo - Viseu Prova Aberta Ori-Adaptada Prova Aberta Ped    
24 Vila Nova de Santo Andre Prova Aberta Ped           
24 Figueira da Foz Prova Aberta Ped       
27,28 Braga TP BTT TP BTT Camp. Nac. BTT         
27 São Brás de Alportel Prova Aberta Ped    
27 Bairro da Nazaré (Funchal) Circuito Urbano - Madeira       
Junho 2017
3,4 Sierra de San Vicente TP Ped TP Ped Liga FEDO Ped Camp. Ibérico Ped (FEDO)      
3 Toledo TP Ped TP Ped Camp. Ibérico Ped (FEDO)      
3/5 Áustria Int BTT Int BTT    
3 Sesmaria - Palmela Prova Aberta Ped    
10,11 Luso - Mealhada TP Ped TP Ped             
16/18 Marinha Grande Treino Selec. Ped Treino Selec. Ped    
17,18 Porto de Mós e Leiria Prova Aberta Ped         
17 Barcelos TP Rogaine TP Rogaine          
18 Santa Cruz Prova Aberta Rogaine    
23/25 Lisboa Treino Selec. Ped Treino Selec. Ped    
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Tove Alexandersson will compete at O?Ringen Värmland 2017
2017-05-06 13:02 - O-Ringen
We are proud to present 10-time O-Ringen winner and 2-time World Champion Tove Alexandersson in the start field for the 2017 O-Ringen Elite Tour.
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Thierry is runnig his last year?
2017-04-19 09:49 - O-Ringen
In August after O-Ringen new challenges awaits one of the absolute best orienteers though all times. How do he view his last elite season and how will he take on the new job as technical coach?
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The world?s largest orienteering adventure is coming to Åre!
2017-04-07 14:58 - O-Ringen
O-Ringen AB and the Åre Municipality have reached agreement on plans to organize O-Ringen, the world?s largest orienteering adventure, in Åre, an area famous for its ski resorts, in 2021.
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