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"Event Entry Data" must include all data entered by the athlete, except for credit or debit card details.

"Event Organizers" shall include anyone involved in organizing the event, as designated by the Event Director, including the Event Director.

"OriOasis Registration Data" shall include all data entered by the member, except for credit or debit card details.

The "Club Administrators" shall include anyone involved in the management of the club, as designated by the club manager on OriOasis, including yourself.


O OriOasis is a portal for the Orienteering Community that has the following objectives:

OriOasis Responsibility in the Organization of Events

OriOasis acts as an agent for the event organizer for the purpose of receiving online registrations only. OriOasis will not be responsible for the conduct, organization, delivery or operation of the event in any way.

Cancellation of Entries and Returns

Refunds due to cancellation of your registration (or part thereof or double payment) requested up to 15 days before the event will be subject to an administrative fee.

The administrative cancellation fee depends on the type of payment used:

In other words, for example, January 5th would be the last day that a refund could be requested for an event that started on January 20th. Cancellation requests received after the deadline will not be refunded unless specifically permitted by the event organizer (see the event website), but an administration fee will always be charged in the event of a refund. Competitors can only cancel their registration until the event itself has been changed or cancelled. If the total refund is less than €1.00 then no refund will be made.

Changes to the Entries

Changes to the class and club of the entry imply a change in the registration date used to calculate the entry fee, in accordance with the deadlines and respective fees established by the Event Organizer. Changes to extras imply changing the registration date of the changed extra. Changing the electronic control system number may or may not imply a change in the registration registration date and may be subject to an administrative fee determined by the event organizer (see the event website for details). Other changes, which do not affect the entry cost, class or start time, are free at all times. Transferring an entry to another person may be prohibited by the event organizer (see the event website for details).

Changing or Canceling the Event

Changing the event or canceling it will mean any refunds will be made at the discretion of the organiser, and will be subject to the administration fee as outlined above. .

Risk and Security

There are events that include mandatory sports insurance in the registration fee (see the event website for details). Otherwise, competitors accept the risks associated with participating in the event and participate at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

Data protection

The event input data you provide will be used by OriOasis and the event organizers only for the purpose of processing and publishing entries and results. Event registration data will not be passed on to third parties. Credit and debit card details are held exclusively by the Payment Service Provider and are unknown to both OriOasis and the event organizers.

Using OriOasis

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